Black folk, when will we understand that the Kardashians are not our allies?

A while ago, I wrote an article about the Kardashians, and how they have continuously exploited black people and culture, for a profit. First, it was their adoption the aesthetic of black women. Then it was Kylie’s dismissal of Amandla Stenberg, after the latter called Kylie out on her constant cultural appropriation.  This was followed by that awareness lacking and horrendous Pepsi ad and Biggie & Tupac t-shirts and lastly Kim’s recent defense of racist makeup vlogger Jeffree Starr. The Kardashians have shown us over and over again, that they really may be the real-life family from Get Out. They have shown us that they do not care about black centric issues, and have demonstrated that in less than subtle ways. Nevertheless, the members of the black community (mostly black men) still find allies in them.

Each time, the Kardashians show a complete disregard for the black community, this is always closely followed by an ‘apology’ (more like white-splaining) and an assertion of lack of awareness. We saw it happen with Khloe’s appropriation of Arab culture, Kendall’s Pepsi ad and Kim K’s Jeffree Star saga. Their so-called apologies always seem to be masked by some kind of desperate plea of innocence and naivety. How long are they going to play this game with us? Does Kendall not follow what’s going on in the world, and have black people around her to have a better sense of awareness? Even if she’s lacking in awareness, whose responsibility is it to become aware? Lack of awareness really is like ignorance. It is not a defence. In this day and age, with access to information and opinions at the click of a button, lack of awareness is not an excuse. Kim K has a black husband and black children, so her pleading naivety, is really just a lame attempt at arousing forgiveness, by pulling out the innocent white girl card.

In light of all this, we still have black folk jumping to their defence, anytime they mess up. When will we finally accept that the Kardashians are not our allies? They disrespect us, then come back with thinly veiled apologies (really a sign of further disrespect) and we are ready to open our arms to them. Ready to open our arms to even more disrespect.


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