A win for Cardi B, is a win for all women

There’s just something so engaging about Cardi, that just makes you want her to win. It could be her genuineness, her humor or maybe just her entire existence. Whatever it is, it’s hard to dislike Cardi. I caught wind of who she was, when she first joined the cast of Love and Hip Hop, and I’ve been a loyal member of the Bardigang since then. Every W she took, felt like we all were taking that W with her. She has made her journey to the number 1 spot, such an open and personal journey, so much so, millions around the world, felt like they were part of her journey. Cardi popped up onto the scene, completely uncensored, open and honest. She labelled herself as the ‘regular, degular, shmegular girl from the Bronx‘, and since she grew in fame and popularity, she has effortlessly remained that same regular, degular, shmegular girl from the Bronx.

We’ve seen a few women come up from the hood, to consolidate their positions of fame. However, we don’t readily identify and root for these women, the way we do for Cardi. With Cardi, we followed every achievement, and celebrated as if it was our own. I believe this has a lot to do with remaining authentic. A lot of women who move into higher social classes, than where they started from, engulf themselves in the bougie lifestyle and transform themselves physically and inwardly. They tone their loud down, so that they don’t get side glances at the Caucasian restaurant. They use words like ratchet and ghetto to signify disdain and inappropriate behaviour. They morph themselves into symbols of what society tells us is the right way to be in a particular social class. But is this really who they are? It’s difficult to relate to and identify with someone who is not projecting their true self to the outside world. But this is where Cardi wins. She projects nothing but my authenticity, and we as onlookers feel that. So we gravitate towards her, and want to see her win. Even if we don’t know her personally.

Cardi winning is a win for women everywhere. She has shown the little 13 year old girl in the projects, that her dreams are valid and attainable. She has shown every woman who came up from the hood, that you are enough. You don’t need to change anything about you, just to pacify those in your newfound social status. She has shown the women feeling like underdogs, that all things are possible, so long as you focus and remain true to yourself. She’s won for all the women who have continuously been prevented from reaching their goals, because of the word no.

So thank you Cardi B. You have achieved so much more than a number 1 spot on the Billboards. You’ve become a person that every single woman should be inspired by.


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