Dissecting this quote – Bob Marley 

The truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.

– Bob Marley

What the quote means:

We have all been hurt by those we love, and that is an inevitable and unavoidable part of life. What we have to do in the case of unavoidable hurt, is make a distinction between those who inflict hurt on us, that are worth tolerating, and those that are not. In essence, there are those that hurt us who we forgive, because they are worth it.

Thus the quote is implying that, in light of the hurt we will be subjected to in this life, there are people who will be worth the suffering inflicted by the hurt, and those are the people we should have in our lives.

What this quote means to me:

I used to live by this quote. Not only does it slap anyone with a harsh dose of reality, it is such a relatable word of advice. People will hurt you, we just gotta find those ones who are worth the hurt.

As I have grown and continue to evolve as a woman and an individual, I have found that the quote has started to resonate less with me.

I understand that it is inevitable that you will be hurt by those who love you, but what the piece of advice fails to address is that, at some point we must draw boundaries, even for those who are ‘worth it’. Just because someone may be worth suffering for, does not mean that, that person is thus entitled to inflict continuous and unabated hurt on you. The fact is, no one is worth continuous suffering, and this is why we have to draw boundaries for how we want and expect to be treated.

If you have your own dissections of the quote, please drop your comments below!


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