The internalized misogyny of women

I really loved this article and it made me think back to the other day, when I was scrolling through twitter and came across the hashtag – #YouTwerkICook – and it really irritated me.

For me, that hashtag arouses a lot of pertinent topics that need to be addressed. It’s such a disheartening example of the internalized sexist beliefs and misogyny that exists in many women. Such a hashtag highlights an unnecessary comparison between women, a warped kind of moral standing and an inherent desire to demonstrate oneself as being more of a desirable woman for a man, at the expense of another woman. Calling another woman out because they choose to twerk doesn’t make you more of a woman of value, and if you believe that as a woman, you are a misogynist. Help yourself and your self-esteem and stop comparing yourself to other women with hashtags that thinly veil your distorted sense of superiority. How are we supposed to achieve true gender equality if women insist on tearing each other down? We just need to be better as women.

Check out the article below:


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